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A comprehensive and detailed Quality Control Plan has been developed and documented in the QC Manual. This is mandatory to the execution of a Shej Global Developments project.

This Quality Control Plan establishes the control methods to be used for achieving conformance to engineering specifications and ongoing quality for production.

The procedures developed in the plan include :
  • Review parts drawing and specifications and identify those characteristics deemed significant for production of quality products;
  • Identify those characteristics deemed significant for the best products based on plant knowledge of the process;
  • Determine if statistical control techniques can be implemented throughout the manufacturing process and laboratory test areas;
  • Review the plan with engineering and management in order to obtain consensus on quality planning prior to production start-up;
  • Evaluate current production items for the development of the control plan utilizing the above procedure;
  • Prepare and utilize the resulting plan to improve the existing quality system; and,
  • Specify the frequency of complete layout inspection.






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