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Support staff
Shej secures reputable architects and engineers, which are available on a project-by-project basis, and on a case-by-case basis from within the host country of the project. These architects and engineers are seasoned professionals that are in the capacity to assist host country governments and/or project owners in fulfilling their project objectives, by delivering services as illustrated below:
  • Initial design layouts;
  • Space allocation;
  • Budget alignment;
  • Structure feasibility;
  • Specification of all areas of construction;
  • Full plans and specifications for tendering purposes; finish and colour schemes; and
  • Finished schedule/start to finish schedules.
Within the scope of the complex and broad integrated projects we seek to furnish with our design, build project management and forensic services, we are required to mobilize and supervise multinational multidisciplinairy teams. These teams involve carefully selected and qualified host country support staff through our partners and alliances in complementation to our Canadian experts, to contribute to satisfactory fulfillment of achieving project goals and objectives according to specs within the aimed time frame.






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