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Thanks for stopping by. This section of our site has been established solely for the purpose of providing to authorized individuals, companies, participating governmental agencies and financiers profiles various opportunities that are being made available to Shej Global on an exclusive and/or direct placement basis.

This section consists of three (3) interactive bulletin boards, being:
  1. Opportunities Board,

  2. Pending Projects, and

  3. Committed Projects.
Opportunities Board. The projects that are listed on the bulletin board that is cited on the Opportunities Board are subject to the Corporation's typical due diligence procedure. The list consists of pre-qualified projects that meet Shej Global stated requirements, which are supported by the relevant documents prepared by an authorized agent or qualified professional or attorney for the client, embodying his or her understanding of the project in according with the jurisdiction law as applicable to a statement of facts pertaining to the respective project that is submitted to him or her for that purpose.

Pending Projects Bulletin Board. The projects that are cited on the Pending Projects Bulletin Board identify those projects that are currently undergoing the necessary due diligence, but not yet completed or committed to as at the date cited. These proposed or presented projects that are so deemed, be it during; before conclusion of; prior to the completion of, may follow in one or more categories, such (i) unsettled; (ii) undetermined; (iii) in process of due diligence, settlement or adjustment; (iv) the parties have come to a mutual agreement, subject to the relevant documents being prepared, reviewed and executed; (v) awaiting an concurrence or conclusion of action, period of continuance or indeterminacy are Shej Global selected projects, and as such are removed from the Opportunities Bulletin Board on Shej Global request; therefore, there are deemed pending projects.

Committed Projects Bulletin Board. The Projects that are cited on the Committed Projects Bulletin Board are projects that are subject to terms and conditions of an agreement or are committed to by way of a statement by a lender that a loan will be made under certain terms. A commitment may be of various types, that is, a conditional commitment, subject to certain stated items being met, or a firm commitment, which is binding on the participating financier with or without conditions. These projects are exclusively available only to Shej Global Developments, Incorporated.






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