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Financial Services

Different financial powerhouses support Shej Global when conducting its financial services:

  • Infrastructure financial services are carried out in association with Infrabanx Network!™ licensed institutions;
  • Shariah complied projects (on a "Shariah-to-Shariah basis) are carried out in association with Shariah.Biz International, and
  • International trades and commerce activities are carried out in association with Conscribe Network!™

It is through these divisions that Shej can facilitate a wide variety of bona fide project applications, in amounts preferably ranging from US$10 Million and above.

Where certain qualified client(s) or prospective client(s) is/are in need of feasibility studies funding, Shej draws upon Infrabanx Industrial Cooperation Program arrangement. This facility makes possible requisite feasibility finance, upwards of 80% of the initial cost, subject to the prevailing set terms and conditions of Infrabanx and/or its participating member/(s).

The Applicant (being a qualified person, body corporate, governmental agency, state enterprise, validly constitution organization, project owner, and/or developer within the respective developing country) is eligible to apply for support under this Infrabanx's version of the Industrial Cooperation Program (referred to as "ICP") through Shej Global Developments, if the Applicant's firm ("the enterprise") meets all of the following criteria:

  • the enterprise is subject to the respective developing country's (the "host country") corporate income tax;
  • it, or the sponsor (or guarantor or project owner) thereof has been in business for at least three years;
  • it has a proven track record of the services the enterprise or Firms are offering; or
  • it has a proven track record in manufacturing the proposed products;
  • it has been deemed financially sound;
  • it has sufficient working capital;
  • its net worth shows that it is able to share or undertake the costs of the proposed activity in respect to the project or program;
  • its proposal demonstrates that it is able to take on its share of the funding requirements in respect to the implementation of the project;
  • it, and the Canadian counterpart are prepared to make a commitment to the long-term development of the project;
  • it, and its contractors have or can demonstrate the relevance of the proposed project in the context of their respective corporate business plan; and
  • the enterprise must have already established contacts with a member or participant of Infrabanx.
In addition, the company can make commitments to bonafide projects up till 85% through its established relationships with several Canadian Crown Corporations.

The applicant should be informed that Shej will only fund social and environmentally aware undertakings.






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