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Operating process
Once the Project owner or Applicant is in compliance with Shejís set procedures and information requirements duly executed and submitted by the processing agent, Shej will commerce to undertake its duties and responsibilities.

At the time the budget has been established, funding of the project has been approved, and the project has been scheduled to proceed, Shej Global Developments shall, engage a reputable architect from the host country in which the development is taking place.

Where the need arise, this architect will be contracted to provide an initial design layout, a feasibility report and construction specifications. He will be required to provide full plans and specifications for tendering purposes, finish and colour schedules, and a proposed construction timetable.

Shej or its nominee will supply specific electrical, mechanical and structural engineers relevant to the particular development. The company will pre-plan all service and equipment requirements interfacing with the architect to facilitate all aspects of the project.






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