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Project Management Elements
These elements are defined as follows, and carry with them express responsibilities on the part of Shej acting as the Project Manager of each development:
  1. Start-up.  The company will resolve financial accounting issues relating to project costs and entity accounting, obtain a clear perspective on the organizational framework for project control, and understand the implications of funding arrangements of the project control.
  2. Planning.  As a member of the core project team, the designated planner shall assist in identifying all tasks that constitute project effort by developing the work breakdown structure and in establishing a master schedule.
  3. Budgeting.  The designated project controller shall co-ordinate the budgeting process, providing specific estimating skills where information is not available to functional departments, and analyzing the control budget for risk to develop an appropriate contingency allowance.
  4. Measuring.  The designated controller shall also maintain payroll, purchasing and related systems to provide accurate and timely measurements of resources expended and shall be responsible for assisting in the development of performance measurement systems for materials and human resources expended during the execution.
  5. Analyzing.  The designated controller shall also identify variances between actual and budgeted expenditures and the interpretation of these variances in conjunction with the line management.
  6. Communication.  The project controller shall maintain regular communication with all key individuals associated with the project, including the client as required, the designer, engineers, procurement managers and head office, to update the state of the project, and provide any information that may be required to complete the project in a timely fashion as per contract agreement.
  7. Reporting.  The preparation of control and status reports on cost and schedule parameters, determination of the proper scope, frequency, detail and format for each, and preparation of reports integrating cost and schedule performance measures shall be the responsibilities of the corporation.
  8. Controlling.  Although corrective action is the prerogative of line management alone, Shej Global Developments shall be responsible for assisting in the identification and evaluation of options and in estimating the effect of control action taken on costs and schedules to completion.
  9. Closing-Out.  The Corporation shall be responsible for closing out project books and establishing fixed asset records. The company shall also organize all information relating to project executing in order that a post appraisal of capital expenditures may be easily undertaken.
The project controller is also the key liaison and shall communicate regularly with the Company head office from the project site. The functional managers, who are senior members of the project team, specialized in engineering, procurement, and construction, will direct the activities of project supervisors and employees.






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