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Forms and Proposals

Thank you for choosing Shej Global Developments as your turnkey or BOT project co-ordinator and/or financial services company.

Shej Global is happy to receive your project opportunities, assuming that they are qualified to meet at least our minimum criteria, which begin with the submission of the items set out in the “Critical Steps for Project Application”. We will receive forms and proposals in one of three (3) ways:

  1. Informal, via email or mail, submitted by project owners or project sponsors directly, accompanied by the items set out in the “Critical Steps for Project Application”;
  2. Formal, via our authorized contracting Agents or sector sponsors in your jurisdiction that permitted to utilize the Klirview™ professional system or a member of, Conscribe Network!™ Trading Houses ; and/or
  3. The Acquisition of work in progress, duly delivered to us by a project owner's processing agent via Klirview™.


In order to be eligible to apply for project support, funding solution or an assurance program via any of the aforementioned, one must be a qualified Canadian enterprise or Crown corporation that is capable of providing the required service(s) to a foreign government, State Owned Enterprise or eligible project owner or sponsor, as the case maybe.

Prior to contacting us or submitting your proposal, you are required to ensure that all information needed by Shej to decide whether or not to commit to a project are processed through Klirview™ Data Centre.

It is agreed and understood that Shej will only consider review of properly executed documentation processed though Klirview™ Data Centre.


Initial Form Project Lead Sheets

Form 120 Corporate Profile
Form 322 Project Worksheet

Investment Related Forms:
Form 361 Investment Start up support
Form 362 Investment Viability Study

Professional-Services Related Forms:
Form 363 Prof Services Feasibility Study
Form 364 Prof Services Implementation

Private Participation in Infrastructure Related Forms:
Form 365 Private Infrastructure Project - Implementation
Form 366 Private Infrastructure Project - Development








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