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Shej Global Developments Inc. is a Project Consulting and Service Corporation engaged in Project Co-ordination and Financial Services. The company and its strategic partners provide competent and professional application of their specialities to all development projects, domestic or foreign. Clientele includes principals, corporations, real estate developers, foreign direct investors and branches of government.

Shej's professional staff is well versed in all aspects of the business, providing sound leadership and expert guidance through the process of project development. Operating personnel bring an extensive background of project management, engineering, construction management and product expertise.

Shej distinct approach to business enables it to rise above the rest. Its strategic alliance programs create the ideal platform with the appropriate resource expansion, Combined with extensive and aggressive global sales and marketing initiative, Shej Global Developments is well positioned to achieve its targeted annual contract projections.

The principals of Shej Global Developments are credible, proven entrepreneurs and accredited professionals in their respective fields, with a track record of achieving their goals and meeting their obligations.






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