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Customer Support Services

Shej Global Developments and its related companies, from time to time, provide products and services guide and context sensitive online help and support, such service is available 24 hours per day, six (6) day per week.

Shej Global service oriented personnel, trained to ensure the required quality support to help you, staff the Company's 24-hour hotline.

Online Help *
Shej Global online help is an extensive context related help system, designed to ensure that the user is provided simple systematic instructions in respect to:

Products and System Guides
The Products and System Guide is a user procedural manual (which entails extensive reference and illustrative material support) that will enable you to enjoy our products and/or system, as the case may be.

General Enquiry
For further information on Shej Global family of products and services, one may contact one of our authorized agents in the respective jurisdiction in one of the following ways:



* Serviced by the Central Information Services, Record Archives, Electronic Database Information Bank ("CIB").






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