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Critical Steps for Project Application
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Submitting a Proposal
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Submitting a Proposal


In order for you as an Applicant, Project Owner, or applying Government al agent/official to benefit from Shej’s sophisticated design build, project management and/or forensic products and services, you have to comply with our set requirements and procedures.

For Applicants that already have prepared a project proposal in the past, Shej allows you to submit your project documentation directly to Shej Global Developments. The following sequence of critical steps occurs:

Step 1.
Submit your comprehensive proposal by e-mail to shej@shejglobal.com (total file size may not exceed 4 MB), or by regular mail to our mailing address:
Shej Global Developments, Inc.
1250 Eglinton Avenue West,
Suite A-12-351,
Mississauga , Ontario
Canada , L5V 1N3
Shej will only review proposals written in the English language. The proposal must minimal cover the following items:
Accurate information on the project, the project owner, and partners /participants involved
Sources of downstream financing (for repayment)
Anticipated results of the project
Economic and commercial contribution of the project to the host country’s economical development
Social, cultural and environmental considerations
Quantification of Canadian goods and services required
Step 2.
Upon review and identity verification by Shej project assessment officers, and if Shej is interested in undertaking your project, Shej will issue a conditional Expression of Interest. If Shej declines your application for whatever reason, you will be informed accordingly in writing.
Step 3.
Either Shej directly or its duly appointed Processing Agent will process your application using the software application KlirView*.
Step 4.
Once your application is processed, a third party, i.e. C.I.S.R.A.E.D., will verify your application* to which Shej subscribes for its information clearing requirements.
Step 5.
Project undertaking or otherwise.





















If you do not have a proposal prepared, and seek to obtain Shej’s technical assistance in the undertaking of your project, you must contact the nearest Shej authorized Agent in your area, cited on the website, if no such agent is available then you may contact us directly, so as that we can assign you an authorized Processing Agent to assist you in processing your project.

Shej is deeply concerned with fair business practices, and in its efforts to contribute to increasing transparency, and the combating of corruption practises and money laundering, Shej, in addition to fixed policies and standards, outsources its information clearing and investigation activities to C.I.S.R.A.E.D.

Furthermore, as part of our “Know your client” policy, you must be prepared to comply with our Project Application Critical Steps and documentation requirements.


Shej Global Developments subscribes to Central Information Services, Records Archive and Electronic Database (C.I.S.R.A.E.D.) of which “KlirView” is a data collection and processing application, which Shej (be it direct or through authorized institutions) employs to obtain accurate information on its objectives.








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