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Critical Steps for Project Application
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Critical Steps for Project Application


Processing Agent:
A Processing Agent is a licensed financial institution ("the Agent") within the respective jurisdiction (the "Territory") of the Applicant, which has been duly appointed by Shej Global (or its nominee or permitted affiliated company) within the Territory, as the case may be.

Bona Fide:
The expression bona fide means a client that is so deem having complied with the set requirements and regulatory guidelines duly enacted by the local authorities, as well as to the Authorized Processing Agent's set procedures and minimum requirements.

    Phase 1
  1. Bona Fide Client. All Applicants (or issuer, sometimes referred to as "the client") applying for Shej sophisticated products and services, must first be a bona fide client of the authorized Processing Agent and/or the participating financial institution that is recommending or processing the Applicant’s application for funding or financial assistance, if applicable .
  2. Presentation and Interview. The authorized Processing Agent (or its duly appointed nominee) will conduct a presentation and interview by its qualified personnel in the manner prescribed.
  3. Official request. Based on the interview, the Applicant must write officially in relation to their respective needs and requirements, to the authorized Processing Agent or its nominee financial institution.
  4. Receipt, review and respond. Upon receipt and review of the above formal letter ("English text"), the Agent will then respond to the official request.
  5. Response. For the purpose of step 4, such response shall include, but not be limited to, the request of the following support documents, duly prepared in an internationally accepted manner (with certified English translations):
    • A completed Company Profile Application (Form 120);
    • Certificate of Incorporation/Memorandum and Articles of Association (certified true copy);
    • Specimen Signature card (completed by all authorized signatories of the account and signed in the presence of a Banker);
    • Passport of all authorized signatories (certified copy showing photograph and signature);
    • A copy of Resolutions and Mandate form as per format given.
    • An up-to-date list of directors;
    • An up-to-date list of shareholders;
    • Bankers Reference where necessary unless introduced by our authorized bank agent; and
    • Letter of Indemnity to act on fax instructions.
  6. Execution of Engagement Agreement(s). An engagement agreements will be duly executed by the relevant parties.
    Phase 2
  7. In addition to the foregoing, the Applicant (pre-qualified client) is required to submit or cause to be submitted certified English translation of the following:
    • Company Profile;
    • Profile of directors and key management personnel;
    • Latest 6 months bank statements of your other bankers;
    • Latest Term Loan statement of your other bankers, if any;
    • Past 3 years financial statements (or projected profit and loss statement and projected cash flow for 3 years for newly formed company);
    • A copy of all the directors' latest curriculum vitae (CV);
    • Information on existing borrowings with other financial institutions (if any):
      1. Type of facility and its credit limit (trade facilities, please specify the tenor);
      2. Interest rate/commission charged for each facility;
      3. Securities offered;
    • Brochure and quotation(s) on the machinery/equipment to be purchased;
    • Particulars, description and a copy of the title or the Sales and Purchases Agreement (referred to as "S&P") of the property to be charged to us, if any. Valuations report to be submitted, if any;
    • Where applicable, please submit a completed copy of the proposal of the title of the project, including the property to be purchased and a copy of the S&P of the property to be financed;
    • Breakdown of Construction cost of the building;
    • List of your major suppliers and purchase terms from them;
    • List of your customers and sales terms to them;
    • Ageing list- debtors and creditors;
    • A copy of your past projects' letter of awards;
    • List of your company's past projects, the awarders, and the contract sum;
    • Proposed project data (please request a Project Worksheet (Form 322), if required);
    • Projected cash flow for the project;
    • Particulars of preferred security, and
    • Such other documents that will be required from time to time, by the respective authorized Agent.






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